Kate Siner, PhD

Psychotherapist, author, and educator


Kate Siner, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, writer, and educator who has been practicing integrative psychotherapy and holistic success coaching in the Providence area since 2005 through her private practice —now called The Therapy Collaborative. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology and a certification in Expressive Arts from San Francisco’s Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center in 2008 — under the mentorship of Eugene Taylor, Ph.D. — after nearly 15 years of self-learning and practice of alternative approaches to growth and development. These methods include massage, energy work, shamanic techniques, EMDR techniques, and hypnosis. Dr. Siner has worked in addictions treatment and hospice care as well as received advanced training in domestic violence, grief, and trauma. For the past three years, she has been director and co-facilitator of Priestess Path — a women’s empowerment program founded by Alisa Starkweather — and studying Core Energetics under Karyne Wilner, Psy.D. She recently launched a non-profit, Larger Visions, which is dedicated to providing leadership training for emergent women leaders dedicated to social change and safe-house programming to victims of gender-based violence.

Core Beliefs

  • I believe that trust is essential to any relationship. In order to help establish this trust, I put together a list of my core beliefs that guide my work.
  • I believe that you know how to care for yourself.
  • I respect your decisions.
  • I have faith in your ability.
  • I won't be responsible for you or take away your power.
  • I will support and encourage you.
  • I may challenge your belief system but I will always respect you and your truth.
  • At times, I will encourage you to take risks or step into the unknown but the choice is always yours
  • I will honor your boundaries and mine to the best of my ability.
  • I will share my value system and beliefs with you so that you know why I am saying and doing what I say and do.
  • I am open to learning from you at all times.


Dr. Siner provides business development for heart-centered entrepreneurs, intensive development retreats and mentoring.


Dr. Siner does not currently accept insurance.

Sessions with her might be reimbursable as "out of network" for some insurance carriers.


Kate's generous heart transformed my life for the better and opened me to the truth and a new way of perceiving reality, beyond my conditioned and depressing belief system. P.M