Nanci Adams, M.A.

Child/Adolescent Psychotherapist


Nanci Adams - LMHC/ATR
I am psychotherapist who works with children and adolescents ages 6-18. I offer treatment for the emotional, social and behavioral challenges such as mood swings, fears, excessive anger, panic, sleep issues, sadness, and social isolation, often associated with:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Parent/child conflict
• Learning differences
Through therapeutic counseling sessions I identify the cause of distress, set goals for therapy and use custom techniques to get kids back on track and loving their life!
My approach toward children and teens is based on "positivity"; where one's strengths are highlighted and used to create a desired outcome. Kids live in the moment and respond to therapy where the outlook is bright and change is always attainable. I believe all children and teens are inherently good natured and want to thrive. I also believe life gets in the way and creates scenarios where kids find it hard to be their best selves.
I help children rediscover their "awesomeness". Watching them make positive changes through therapy confirms my belief about their instinctive desire to perform at the highest level possible.
Therapy sessions help teens cope with stress, improve mood, boost self esteem and make excellent choices that lead toward more independence. Conversations and activities are designed for self reflection. Role playing, relaxation strategies, and problem solving techniques are used to help kids manage and take control of their challenges. Humor is often used to make intense topics tolerable!
Some children and adolescents believe talking about their feelings will hurt and not help. As a masters level art therapist, sometimes I use things like paint and clay in therapy so kids heal burdening thoughts/emotions with less “pain”, fantastic results and more engagement in counseling. For more information - checkout my website: