Todd Schmenk M.Ed

Health Education Specialist and Personal Trainer


Todd Schmenk, M.Ed., is a Health Education Specialist and personal trainer who has been working with individuals over the last 15 years in dealing with chronic illness situations, such as diabetes, weight loss, stress management, smoking cessation and coping strategies for dealing with chronic injuries - specifically osteoporosis and ligament damage. He got his starting working at the Cleveland Clinic as a Patient Educator and gained further experience developing an implementing behavioral change programs for the York City Bureau of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Provant Health. Todd earned his M.Ed. From Cleveland State University and has had extensive training through the American College of Sports Medicine and the Integral Institute. In particular, his methods include strength training, energy management, and developing an integral life practice - all addressing lifestyle modification, drawing upon models such as Integral Theory, Stages of Change, and Motivational Interviewing.


One of the most important aspects of his approach in dealing with health issues is that there is no “right” answer, but rather that there are several right answers. His job has always been to help those he works with decide which decisions are the right ones for them based upon their personal code of values and health circumstances. By doing so, he works to empower his clients with understanding and awareness so that each individual can make the best decision for themselves.


Thanks Todd, for helping through a rough situation (heart attack). I don’t know what the outcome would have been if you hadn’t worked with me during that whole experience. It was a minor trauma which did little damage, but your help throughout the experience was much appreciated by me and my wife.

- Ron, Steel Worker

Todd - little did I know that such minor changes to my diet, physical activity routine, and daily “rituals”, as you put it could have such a large impact on my overall energy levels. Thanks again!

- Joanne, Nursing Director