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Full and 1/2 Day Workshops:

Love More: Core Energetics Workshop: Do you wish for more love and connectedness in your life? In Core Energetics we learn that our own defenses hold us back from experiencing love. In this workshop, we will use Core Energetics techniques to help you recognize your defenses. You will also be given tools to move past them into deeper states of openness and love.
Be Happier: Core Energetics Workshop: It may seem paradoxical, but, to be happier, we need to get in touch with our own negativity. Core Energetics practices teach us how to see and work with our own negativity so we can transform it. Learn how to move though your own internal landscape so that you can feel truly alive and happy.

1-2 hour workshops:

Better Relationships through Better Communication: Communication Skills Workshop: Many of the problems we face at work and home are due to not having communication skills. Poor communication creates misunderstandings that can create distance or conflict. Sometimes two people struggle – not because they do not care, but because their messages are not reaching each other. The good news is that we can all learn how to communicate better. In this workshop you will learn useful tools you can apply in your life right away to begin improving your relationships in every part of your life.

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